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Plastic Surgery Addict Lisa Rinna Says Women Should Embrace Their Natural Bodies 28.Feb.2009

Lisa RinnaUh, yeah. Right. And then she tripped over her lips.

Lisa Rinna is not bashful about her body. She better not be, considering all the work she's had done, especially above the neck. Luckily for Playboy readers (Wait - is that what they call it? Reading? ) the camera will be focused a bit lower.

At 45, this will be Lisa's second spread for Playboy; her first was 11 years ago, when she was pregnant. She feels she has a much better body now, and her husband, Harry Hamlin, agrees. Apparently ol' Harry's got a thing for freakishly inflated lips - and the whole world seeing his wife naked. Perhaps he feels it's a good return on his investment.

Despite the fact that Lisa's appearance has been drastically altered, she says the rest of us who can't afford a surgical overhaul should be happy with what we have. She said she wants "to encourage other women to be proud of their bodies no matter what age or size." And that'll be real easy with someone like Lisa to look up to. She's more an illustration of what not to do than what to do: the fake bake, the freeze face, the busted implants - you could park a SmartCar between those things. Maybe two.