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Is Ali Lohan On The Adderall Diet, Too? She Sure Isn't In School 30.Apr.2009

I want to be just like my sister!I know I'm not the only one who's noticed. Ali Lohan is only 15. She's not working on a movie, album or TV show, and doesn't appear to be getting tutored, unless they're doing it in her sleep. Why isn't she in school? Does her mother think she's getting an adiquite education watching her sister pretend-shop for money and courting paparazzi all day?

This week's Us Weekly blows the top off of Lindsay's weight loss secret: Turns out she's blasting her brains out with freakin' Adderall, that she tweaks out on that for days on end. Adderall is prescribed to treat attention deficit disorder. It's pure amphetamine - nothin' but speed. That's why she always looks so jittery and chews her nails down to ragged stumps.

All those darting eyes and jutting bones don't seem to have detracted Lindsay's latest suitor/sugar daddy, a 36-year-old computer geek she's hooked up with in Hawaii, where she's taking a vacation from absolutely nothing. A nice older man might actually be good for Lindsay, but I think it's safer to say she's probably unhealthy for his bank account. It's not like she appreciates his intellect. If he was a hot guy she would have shagged and bagged him already.