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Robert Pattinson Gets Almost Naked ... Just For You! 27.May.2009

Have you kissed your vampire today? Well, not really just for you. You'll just have to share him with all the other Twilight freaks. He's only taking his shirt off because he has to, not that he wants to shower or anything. I think he only does that every other Thursday or so.

I have yet to see Twilight, so I honestly can't say if I get it. Maybe I'm just gettin' old, but I don't find Pattinson even remotely attractive. He's no Daniel Craig or Hugh Jackman, that's for sure, but hey, to each his own.

Robert is busy filming New Moon, the sequel to the bloodsucking blockbuster now. Will it have the teeth that Twilight has? It's hard to tell. Sequels rarely live up to their hype. I've always loved vampire movies, though; perhaps this time I'll break down and blow the ten spot to catch it. In the meantime, check out his abs - don't they look airbrushed on? He doesn't look anywhere near fit enough to have abs like that.