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We Will Never Know What Happened To Daniel Smith If Howard K And Larry Have Their Way 19.Mar.2008

Such sadnessWhat are these guys hiding? I've always thought Howard K was a much more malevolent force in Anna's life than anyone knew. I think he kept her drugged so he could control all the shots - sound like anyone (Lufti) you know (Lufti)?

When Daniel first died Howard told all the press outlets that he never knew Daniel was using drugs and that he didn't believe he overdosed. He also said he didn't get to spend much time with Daniel, which everyone knows is a line of hooey - he never left Anna's side. She might have sobered up and realized what was going on.

Larry Birkhead tells a different tale. Well, a few of them anyway. He said that he knew Daniel was stealing his mother's methadone and that she supplied him with Ecstasy and possibly other drugs. Like Howard, though, he became foggy on events he had previously testified about.

So what really happened? Did Daniel just accidentally overdose? Not likely. According to the medical examiner, the amount in his system was too high to be accidental: it was definitely a deliberate overdose. The question is, who gave it to him? And why? Did Howard and Larry want to eliminate any competition for Anna's estate? Was Daniel going to spill the beans on Howard's manipulations? Like I said, we may never know.