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Miley Cyrus Getting Closer And Closer To Naked. You Or I Would Have Lost Custody By Now 14.Jul.2008

I always shower like thisI've said it before, I'll say it again. TAKE AWAY HER F***ING CAMERA, BILLY RAY! Or are you just waiting until she's old enough for you to legally make a buck on her exposure fetish?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Miley's cameraphone was hacked again. The photos were leaked. No one knows who's really responsible. Disney is about to shit a brick. They're lining up back-ups and replacements faster than American Idol. And well they should, if they can't either supervise this 15-year-old's activities or persuade her parents to fulfill their legal obligations to do the same.

The race is on: Will Miley show up naked before she has a chance to grow into her teeth? I sure hope her parents have socked away a ton of money, because her time in the sun is almost over. She just might out-Lohan the Lohan.