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Nancy Grace Pissed About Unpaid Appearance At Wrongful Death Trial 26.Jan.2010

You can't handle the truth!You won't be seeing much in the way of sympathy toward Nancy Grace from me. I've never liked her. I think she's classless and tactless, and I hate the way she always makes sure the cameras get good shots of her rolling eyes and flaring nostrils. She and CNN are being sued by the family of a girl who committed suicide after Nancy raked her over the coals.

Now I can't stand her, but I was curious about this whole wrongful death thing, so I googled it. I also got some interesting background on Grace. She was a prosecutor before becoming a talking head, and was reprimanded more than once for improper, and sometimes illegal, prosecutorial behavior. In other words, I think it's safe to say that girlfriend likes to f**k with people. I guess winning is really important to her.

Now Nancy will have to give her deposition by videotape, something her lawyers were fighting on the grounds that it would end up on TMZ or Funny Or Die and maybe make her look bad. I don't think that's the reason; I think she's more concerned with whatever was uncovered during the investigation becoming public. I wonder when her contract is up. Seriously, I didn't see the whole clip (mainly because of that voice, almost as bad as Rachael Ray!), but I've read a partial transcript, and Nancy was playing the fast and loose prosecutor again, pushing and pummeling this obviously disturbed girl like it was sweeps week. Now it's her turn to sit in the hot seat. I hope they crank that bitch up. If we can't roast her alive, the least we can do is make her squirm for a while.