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Peter Cook: You Can Put A Tie On A Scumbag, But It's Still A Scumbag 16.Oct.2008

Not to be trusted around young girlsWhat on earth did Christie Brinkley ever seen in this slimeball? I don't care how much her superior wealth and social standing emasculated him, there was no excuse for his behavior.

Don't be so quick to dismiss this poster child for midlife crisis. According to the NY Post, not only did Cook seduce his teenage assistant and bed her in his office and a house Christie owns, he even videotaped the action, probably for future use. Their secret source (probably Cook himself) even showed them stills from the video, in which can be seen Cook and Diana naked and sexing it up on a brown loveseat, among other romantic classics. The film was allegedly made in his Southampton office - without her knowledge or consent.

Do you think it's merely coincidental that Cook has been appearing in the media trying to defend his behavior? He's just sowing the seeds for a lucrative video distribution deal. Diana's lawyers say they're reviewing and weighing her legal options. That means they're negotiating a piece of the profits on the sly, just like lawyers for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian did when their sex tapes hit the web. We're not talking pennies here; A Night In Paris reportedly netted Wonky a cool mil. No wonder Christie wants to keep her kids as far away from him as possible.