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Someone Call Peta: Paris Hilton And The Case Of The Disappearing Chihuahuas Solved 22.Apr.2009

If I just close my eyes maybe it will let me go ...Look at that poor little thing. One minute he was sitting on one of her big clown feet when he heard this sound like a giant vacuum cleaner, and before he knew it the little guy was hurtling toward oblivion.

This shot is from Wonky's new photo shoot for Guess? . Why they're still using her is totally beyond me - she's fallen so far off the A-list she doesn't even bother anymore. After her very publicized banishment from CAA's Globes party in January and the beating she and Doug received from a DJ, Paris has been careful not to overstep her bounds, and happily hangs out with the D-list now.

But what about all those little dogs that went into the closet never to be seen again? I guess there are worse fates after all.