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Anne Hathaway And The Case Of The $21 Million Beard: Cfo Of The Vatican Popped For Fraud & Money Laundering 24.Jun.2008

Headlights onAnd I'm sure that dear, sweet Polly Purebred over there knew absolutely nothing about the whole thing. She's a good actress. She's also represented by the one and only Stephen Huvane, Jennifer Aniston's chief liar and press antagonist. It was probably his idea for Aniston to pay the British meat pop to be her boyfriend, and I'm sure he's the little voice whispering in Annie's ear as her Italian lover gets carted off to jail.

By the way, for those of you unfamiliar with Vatican hierarchy, Anne's amore, Raffaelo, is not really affiliated with the Pope at all, but he convinced numerous investors that he was, and fleeced them accordingly. His non-profit organization, on whose Board of Directors Anne sat until only recently, is under investigation by the Attorney General. I don't know all the details, but it would appear that dear Annie's man is a scammer.

But Anne's got a new movie coming out, so what does her rep tell her to do? Leak a story to the press that they've broken up, just in time for the premiere. The strategy appears to be working: Get Smart is a hit. Raffaelo is locked up, his bail set at $21 million. If convicted he faces years in jail. Do you think Anne dumped him for good? Will she be called to testify? She reportedly enjoyed the perks of his crimes. I hope she didn't let him drag her into something ... seedy. She seems like a nice girl, even if she isn't wearing proper undergarments.