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With Paris Out Of The Way, Nicole Steps Into The Spotlight 17.May.2007

No pain hereLike a praying mantis, Nicole Richie has patiently waited in the wings for her moment in the sun. She has managed to keep a pretty low profile, all things considered (well, other than that driving the wrong way on the 405 DWI thing, and the licking the coke mirror on video thing).

But sometimes, the very best PR cannot keep something completely out of the news, and little whispers start leaking out. Each incident viewed separately is a bit disturbing, but when you string them all together, you can only come to one conclusion: Nicole really likes her Vic's - Vicodins, that is.

The warning signs were all there. I don't understand why her people didn't see them:

- sudden dramatic weight loss; - passing out on set; - driving the wrong way on a major freeway; - nasty, bitchy little mood swings; and the biggest sign of them all, - dating Joel Madden/accepting Hilary Duff's leftovers. Yeesh!

Seriously, look at that picture. Bitch looks downright haggard. Uh, hello, Dad who's so there for his daughter? Time to ship her back to the 'hab - rehab, that is.