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Like Father, Like Son: Brawley Nolte Arrested For Dui, Has Much Better Mugshot Than Dad 07.Oct.2009

Father and son picture dayCall me a cougar, but I think Brawley King Nolte is a pretty good-looking guy in that rugged, already broke in way. I always did have a soft spot for the bad boys ...

Nick Nolte may or may not have cleaned up his act (depends on which day of the week it is), but he sure hasn't set a good example for his 23-year-old son, Brawley. The boy got popped yesterday in Santa Monica for DUI and possession of a controlled substance, according to TMZ. No word on what the alleged substance is, but he looks like a pothead to me.

Brawley hit another car while changing lanes yesterday, and when the cops showed up, they nailed him for being impaired. His bail was set at $5,000; there's no word on whether he's been bailed out yet. I hope he gets some help if he needs it - it would be a shame to watch another generation of Nolte drown in suds.