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Paris And Nicole: Bff 4eva 26.Apr.2007

Remember when Nicole was the fat one? I kinda miss those days because homegirl was hilarious. These days instead of speaking she just sucks in her non-existent cheeks doing her best Donatella Versace impression and poses. She still looks hot. Paris and Nicole

Here's the pair of BFFs at the Armani Exchange sunglasses launch event. I wish I had their job. Don't eat, get you hair did, pose. I could totally do that.

I think these ho's look hot and I'm assuming my invite must've got lost in the mail. The only thing wrong is the hair. I've said it before and I'll say it again, all these starlets need to stop parading around with these beat weaves. Get your ass to harlem and get your weave did by someone who knows what they're doing. Just don't let Shaquita convince you to get the updo with the Louis Vuitton logo dyed in.

It's nice to see Skinny and Herpes on the scene together again. Not gonna lie...I totally had a dream I hung out w/ Paris and Lindsay last night and that they were friends again too.