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Brittany Murphy Foundation Over Before It Began: How Will Simon Pay For His Pills Now? 15.Feb.2010

You two oughta be ashamed ...Once a scammer, always a scammer. He's not even that creative, but he certainly is ambitious. And with Brittany's mother backing him he must have thought he had a sure thing. I wonder if he's tried to seduce her yet. Word is he wasn't included in Brittany's will, and he's not the most employable guy around.

When the formation of the Brittany Murphy Foundation was announced more than a few eyebrows were raised. It was all too vague, claiming to be "dedicated to arts education for children" but not really saying much else, like how the funds would be spent or who was running the show. The foundation's website solicited donations outright and apparently even found a few suckers willing to drop some green. Simon even planned a $1,000-a-plate benefit dinner, kind of like a grand opening, after which he probably would have taken an extended vacation in the Caymans.

But the jig is up. Simon abruptly canceled the dinner gala without explanation, and now the website has been shut down. Apparently someone did their homework (TMZ is claiming credit) and found that Simon and Mama Murphy didn't file the proper paperwork for a charitable foundation with the IRS or the government. In fact, none of the proper agencies had so much as a scrap of paper on Simon's precious foundation. That made what he was doing very illegal, and he's being forced to return all donations until the foundation is approved as a charity. If ever - I get the feeling Simon will lose interest before that happens, or just move on to a new victim.