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Sex And The City Will Finally Be A Movie! 24.May.2007

Sex and the City castAs I sit here watching the end of an episode of ? Sex and the City? that I have probably seen ten times or so I still find myself wanting more when the episode ends (that sounded dirty, I mean more of the show). When you hear that little tango song at the beginning you know you are in for a half hour of fun( a half hour if you are watching the DVD. Twenty-four minutes of a PG-13 version of S&TC if you are watching on TV which basically means Samantha has four lines per episode). But fear not because apparently Kim Cattrell and Sarah Jessica Parker have sucked up their differences and the Sex and the City movie is on! Kristin Davis (the wonderful Waspy Charlotte) has confirmed that there will be a movie so we know it must be true. The film will be a step up from her last role which was opposite Tim Allen in ? The Shaggy Dog.? Four people saw that movie. Cynthia Nixon keeps doing wonderful plays and winning Tonys and I have no idea what Kim is up to. And of course, SJP ended her run with Gap and has done a number of films that have done bizarrely well (the world was perplexed by the popularity of ? Failure to Launch? because it was so very awful). A Sex and the City movie! Oh, just think of the shoes!!