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Nicolette, Desperate No More: Rebound King David Spade Scoops Up Another Brokenhearted Blond 26.Nov.2008

A real ladies' manLaugh at him. Go ahead. He's not much to look at - kind of like a ferret with highlights - and you might think he goes home alone most nights. But you'd be wrong.

The cocksman behind that smarmy smirk has bedded some of the hottest women in Hollywood today: Heather Locklear, Jenna Fischer, even Pamela Anderson (allegedly). How does he do it? Simple. He makes them laugh. It's the oldest trick in the book and it works every time - really, guys. All women love a man who makes them laugh.

He also has some exquisite timing. He always manages to show up at just the right time: Nicolette (or Heather, or Jenna, or Pam) is feeling a little vulnerable, a little lonely. Along comes cute little David with a joke and a shy little smile and he's in like Flynn! So, sure, go ahead. Laugh at him. He'll laugh right along, and before you know it, you're waking up in the round bed at the local quickie barn wearing eachother's underwear.