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Is John Mayer High-fiving Jessica Simpson With His Penis? Even She's Too Ashamed To Go Public 12.Sep.2009

Such. A. Dick.He has always been such a douche, especially the way he treated Jess. He had such a shame face every time they were photographed together ... and you remember that shitty limo trick, where he let her get into the wrong limo at the Costume Institute Gala.

Nobody shed a tear when Jess finally tore herself away from the breakup-makeup cycle and moved on with her life. She thought she found the perfect guy in the Romo, but things didn't work out and she ended up getting flat-left in an IHOP parking lot. There were numerous rumors about Tony's extracurricular activities, but there was also a few whispers that he dumped her when he found John's sexy texts to Jess.

So it's hardly a surprise that they're rumored to be hooking up again. She's just in it for the miracle dick. She knows he's a douche - she won't even admit it to her friends, but he's filling a void for her right now. Surprisingly enough, he's keeping mum about it. Perhaps that witty little denial he tweeted is supposed to impress Jessica. I hope she's not stupid enough to fall for it. By Tuesday he'll be shagging a barmaid for free shots again.