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When Did Kristen Bell Become The Most Popular Person Ever? And When Did Dax Shepard Become A Hot Commodity? 26.Nov.2007

Kristen BellSee Kristen Bell used to only be known by the 10 really devoted fans of Veronica Mars and this weird movie musical she did. She wasn't stalked by the paparazzi but she was considered awesome. But then one day Kristen decided she did not want to be a part of indie oblivion anymore so she sold her soul to the devil and became friends with Hayden Pannetiere. Well first she did some movies, then she joined the cast of Heroes (but sadly she joined it in it's lackluster sophomore season and not it's so awesome first season), became the voice of Gossip Girl and started attending Hollywood parties like it was her job. And now she is apparently dating Dax Shepard who is a really hot bachelor in Lalaland. First Kate Hudson and now Kristen. Though it looks like Kate Hudson will hook up with any extremely hot and successful actor in pants. However, I think Bell does seem smarter than most (she went to NYU) but not if she keeps hanging with Hayden. Hang with Milo. He is too cute.Kristen and Dax