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Trading Way, Way Up: Rihanna And Justin Timberlake Hot For Each Other, Forgetting Brown & Biel 30.Sep.2009

What she doesn't know ...It's definitely a trade-up for Justin. While Jessica Biel may have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and her own sex appeal, her career is going absolutely nowhere. Even getting naked didn't sell her movies. Hell, if it wasn't for the little man she's been chasing around for the last three years she'd be back to doing whatever she did before 7th Heaven.

Jess (and her publicist) worked so hard to get that ring on her finger. They tried everything, but he just wasn't biting. He probably would have ended it a year ago if he wasn't so afraid she was going to kick his ass. Rather than risk physical injury, Justin just bit the bullet.

But ever since the VMAs (and maybe even before) something's changed for Timberlake: he's got the hots for Rihanna, according to Star, and is putting the Biel out on the curb. (Us Weekly said he already did - a month ago.) While he's a little old for her, I think they'd actually make a good couple. They certainly have a lot more in common than he and Jessica did, but I wonder if Rihanna knows what she's getting into. He hasn't been the best boyfriend - ever notice that girls "ugly down" when they're with him? I don't think that's coincidental.