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Audrina Sets The Record Straight. Thank God. 31.Oct.2007

Audrina as MadonnaAfter allegations that The Hills is completely scripted by someone who was actually on the show and not one of the 8 million people with some commen sense that watch it it looked like the jig was up. However, a brave Audrina Partidge stepped up to the plate and said all the situations are real, they just may get some suggestions from producers on where to go to perhaps move the story along. I also have producers that tell me where I need to go to move my life story along. If it is not scripted though then why will the camera cut away and then we here a perfectly probing question that asks about a certain storyline? Because it sounds like they dub it in which I am pretty sure never happens in real life except maybe to Britney Spears. The boy who was LC's date also said she was a bit of a conversation killer. He thought it was because she didn't want to share her true feelings. I think it is because there are just not many deep thoughts occuring in that hat rack. I also liked in the People article how they said Audrina stepped in for Heidi as LC's best friend which sounds like they cast her in the role. Oh well. Here are the girls in their Halloween costumes.