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Sharon Stone Is Not A-roan, She's Still In With Laird And Quinn 23.Sep.2008

Not exactly PTA materialBut only because she adopted them after divorcing Phil Bronstein. They remain hers and hers alone. Roan, the son she adopted with Phil during their marriage, has been the subject of a lengthy and bitter custody struggle between the crazy Botox lady and her former-newspaperman ex.

So what happened? No, she didn't try to feed the boy to a Komodo Dragon, like Phil. She didn't shave her head, or hit the clubs, or have a topless orgy in a rooftop swimming pool. She didn't even really lose custody. Here's the spoiler: This is all about him staying in the same school in San Francisco. Apparently Sharon went to court to modify the original order agreed to in 2007 that stated Roan must stay in San Fran schools. She wanted him to go to school in LA, where she lives. The judge ruled with her ex, stating that he "provides more structured continuity, a stable, secure consistent home".

This is why divorce lawyers pull in the big bucks. Yet despite the mundane background on this story, I still think Sharon is only rowing with one oar. Ever notice that she's almost never photographed with her children? Is that because she's protecting them, or because she can't stand to be seen around someone that looks younger than she does?