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Breaking News From Camp Sheen: The Porn Chick Has A Drug Bust In Her Past And You're All Overreacting 08.Nov.2010

I am a dick. Get over it.That's right. The PR team that never sleeps strikes again. They've been working 24-7 to make the whole coke bender at the Plaza thing just go away. The ex-wives have been carefully coached and probably given a bonus to leave sleeping dogs lie. His manager even told TMZ about his "surprise" home visit where he found Charlie handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Then, in one of those moments when his publicist wasn't around to muzzle him (they've got to pee some time), Charlie blurted out, "A guy has one bad night and everyone goes insane, panics." Um, that's only half right. Charlie went insane, and everybody on his payroll panicked.

But Charlie's sense of entitlement is obviously much bigger than anything he's got hanging between his legs. He really doesn't see the big deal in all of this. So he went on a bender. So he had a paid companion for the evening. So he lost his watch and lost his shit. Get over it, Charlie says; he is. As for that watch that meant so much to him when he was jacked out of his mind? Over it. ? If you have expensive taste you have to be prepared for expensive losses. It is what it is,? says the pompous little prick.

While Charlie's busy flaunting his arrogance, his peeps are busy filling out the backstory, digging up as much dirt as they can to discredit the porn chick. This morning they broke the story of Anderson's drug bust ... back in 2003, when she was a teenager. For weed. She didn't shoot anyone, or hold a knife to their throat. But she's the one who will end up smeared in all this, not Charlie. He's the # 1 man on TV; it's all gravy.