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Charlie Says Brooke Is A Crackhead. I Think They Were Both Hitting The Rock 08.Jan.2010

2 and 1/2 grams? Picture this: Up all night, they were still drinking at 8:30 in the morning and they got into a fight. What were they fighting about? Some say it was because Brooke asked him for a divorce, but with a guy like Charlie, it could have been that she took the last beer. Blasted all night, coming down, getting cranky ... yeah, I could see it.

The Sheen spin machine continues to crank out the hits - against Brooke, of course. This week's nasty little tidbit, courtesy our friends at Radar, alleges that Brooke was treated as an inpatient for a "serious problem". Their source claimed she would disappear for days on crack binges and come back with bruises and a hospital bracelet.

There may be some truth to this - she was after all busted for DUI and possession of coke - but like all of Camp Charlie's spin, things are probably not quite what they seem. Or at least not as bad. And let's be fair: how many times has Charlie been to rehab? He was drinking on Christmas, too; maybe it put them in the mood for some other shit they had no business doing. And look where it got them, the dummies.