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Bronx Mowgli Makes Like Sean Preston And Goes For Joy Ride, Unhurt In Fender Bender 18.May.2010

Glad you're OK, little dudePoor kid. It's in the genes. Young men from bayou country, where Sean's mama's family hails from, learn to drive almost before they can walk. We brought you the story of Sean Preston's break for freedom three years ago; maybe Bronx Mowgli is a PrettyBoring fan, too. (Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? )

Seriously, the real scoop on this story is a little blah, but here's the deal: People is reporting that little Bronx Mowgli, son of Pete Wendt and Ashlee Simpson, was involved in a minor car accident earlier today. Neither parent was driving, or even in the car: Bx (as his dad calls him) was traveling with his nanny. Pete did rush to the scene to pick the boy up, but luckily no one was hurt.

And where was Mom? We haven't seen Ashlee in ages, and the last we saw was a little scary - right around the time she got canned from Melrose Place for her alleged total inability to act, she looked like she had dropped 20 pounds from an already slender frame. She hasn't been seen much since then. Neither has Pete, for what it's worth, and man, he looks like shit here. I wonder what they've been doing to pass the time ... at least she's managed to stay out of the hospital for a while. Guess she's learned to pace herself.