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John Travolta Dresses As Village Person, Takes Mickey Mouse To His Special Magic Dungeon 26.Apr.2008

Can I pretend to be Sandy this time? If John Travolta had a theme park, what do you think its theme would be? That of an apostle to Lord Xenu? Or would it be the doting husband and loving father who must kiss other men on the lips? I'm not sure this would be a family-friendly facility.

Travolta has been experimenting with different looks since he starting using spray-on hair (if not, sure looks like it). This latest, complete with Fu Manchu facial hair and black leather jacket, makes me think of the Village People. I could totally see John getting down to Macho Man with a like-minded individual.

Of course, Travolta's eccentricities shouldn't detract from the fact that he's a great actor and phenomenal dancer. He first hit it big on TV in the 70s and has had a great run in the movies since then. He seems to be a bit of an odd duck personally, though. I think Scientology does that to a person, but only after you've dropped at least a mil and become disillusioned when something bad happens to you.