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Price Is Right Pregnancy Scandal: Apparently Cats And Dogs Aren't The Only Things Bob Barker Wants To Spay Or Neuter 09.Aug.2010

What did I do to you, Bob? Who would have thought that working as a game show model would be considered "dangerous", or "a liability"? You do the pageant walk across the stage, do a little flourish of the arm in front of the prizes as the audience oohs and ahhs, maybe help reveal the winning answer. It's not rocket science - do you think Vanna White had to take a spelling test before they hired her for Wheel of Fortune? I think not.

One of America's favorite and possibly the longest running game show is The Price Is Right. For like 350 years or so, it was hosted by Bob Barker, who often used the last few seconds of the end credits to remind everyone to spay or neuter their pets. Everybody always thought Bob was promoting responsible pet ownership and trying to reduce unwanted pets, but maybe he just hates babies. Two former Price models are now suing the show, claiming they were mistreated after getting knocked up. One girl, Brandi Cochran, claims she had a miscarriage because of the stress; the other, Shane Stirling, says she was forced to take an early pregnancy leave and wasn't allowed to come back to work for a year. By then, Baby-Hatin' Bob was gone, but she got axed anyway because the show was "going in another direction."

I'm sure there's probably more to both these stories, and we may never know the real truth. I think it's safe to say that Bob Barker was probably a perfectionist and may well have been difficult to work for. This isn't the first time one of Bob's beauties has sued, and it just makes you wonder: What did the babies ever do to you, Bob? Leave them alone!