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Did John Mayer Break Up Yoko Romo? Tony Didn't Like His Sexy Messages 14.Jul.2009

Now I'll never be able to wear this shirt againI knew there had to be more to it than just two people who really care about each other growing apart. Why else would he dump her so suddenly, on the night before her birthday? Not even dressing up as Malibu Ken could be that bad.

Finding dirty text messages from your beloved's ex-boyfriend could, though. Especially when he treated her like such dogshit. Repeatedly. Even though most of Mayer's little headgames probably went right over Tony's head the way they went over Jessica's, even a big dumb lummox like the Romo knows a diss when he hears one.

Mayer, for his part, probably could care less. He's got some down time between high-profile conquests and misses seeing his name in the trashiest tabloids, so he figured he could stir it up a little bit. It's a win-win for him ... unless of course he bumps into Tony on one of his good ol' boys' nights. Then he's sure to get a righteous ass kicking for messing with the big, bad Cowboy's little heifer. As well he should. Tony seemed perfectly content with Jessica, and she was so happy with him.