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Can You Believe Howard K. Stern Is Still Squatting In The Bahamas Mansion He And Anna Tried To Steal? 21.Apr.2008

Gone too soonThey've never been able to find any evidence to implicate him.

He was present for Daniel's death in his mother's hospital room just days after baby Danielynn was born. He even propped Anna's dead son up next to her for the most gruesome photo betrayal of them all. During Daniel's inquest Howard testified that he did that for Anna's sake and at her behest, but he had enough methadone and other drugs coursing through her veins that she had lost her compos mentis long ago. It's even been said that he took the time to funnel some funds out of her accounts and into his before he left her Seminole hotel room the day of her death. A funny thing, that. Howard never left Anna's side ... except for that afternoon.

I could go on and on cataloging all those curious little incidents and episodes leading up to Daniel and Anna's deaths, but the point is this: Howard K. Stern was present. Howard K. Stern was involved up to his eyeballs in a lot of shady shit with money and prescription drugs. He even kept Anna doped up when she was hugely pregnant and then filmed it, although whether it was for his own enjoyment or insurance against future rebellion is unknown. It's probably a little bit of both. Sick f***.