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Horny Old Coot Larry King Caught Having Affair With Wife's Younger Sister 28.Dec.2009

Shriveled for your pleasureWould ya believe? Larry King is like 200 years old (OK, OK, he's 76), he's been married about 50 (or 7) times and has a bad ticker. Who'd have thought he had it in him? Was it the little blue pill?

According to this week's National Enquirer, Larry's wife Shawn is fuming over his affair with her little sister, Shannon. Not only did horny old Larry buy Shannon a Mercedes, he also funded her 18-month stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel - a tidy $1.5 million bill. When Shawn found out about Larry and Shannon's shenanigans she began her own affair, f**king her son's hot young baseball coach, a story we brought you last year.

Based on this timeline, the Enquirer was unclear as to whether Larry and Shannon are still getting it on, but I think Larry and Shawn are trying to make a go of it, despite the divorce rumors swirling around. She went into rehab for painkillers after the coach story broke and it's been quiet since. Maybe she crunched some numbers and figured she'd be better off staying. I bet that horny old coot has an ironclad prenup.