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Assholee Simpson Trash Talks Sister, Pities Her Empty, Meaningless Life 10.Sep.2009

Neither of which is his wifeWell, she didn't go that far, but man, what a petty bitch. I guess she'll never get over the fact that her sister was always prettier, more famous and could actually sing.

Things must be pretty rough in the Simpson-Wendt household. I hear she tossed Pete to the curb, tired of sitting at home with the baby while he's out drinking and whoring around. For some reason she thinks he'd rather be out with his friends; for once she's probably right.

The little crone-to-be tells Redbook about how Jess is always whining about wanting a baby ... then brags about how great motherhood is. Nonny-nonny-poo-poo to you, too. If that wasn't pissy enough, she goes on to say that she doesn't envy Jessica's single girl lifestyle a bit. What she really means is that she thinks she's better than her because she has a husband and child. She isn't. Wait until Daisy finds out. She's the only one looking out for Jess these days, and she's had it.