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Who Was Gossip Boy Ed Westwick Nuzzling At The Knicks Game? I Thought Chace Was The Jealous Type 10.Mar.2009

Know what my favorite part was? Little Eddie is making a pretty strong statement here. After all, it's kind of hard to be closeted when you've got floors seats to the Knicks and you're nibbling on your bro's earlobes. Or swooning over the scent of his Drakkar Noir. Do they even still make that stuff?

Westwick's escort seemed to be trying to remain demure but also seemed a bit put out. It appears that Ed rushed him out the door before he got a chance to put on his socks, and now his ankles are cold. Precious hates cold ankles. He'll put up with it for the courtside seats, but Ed shouldn't look for any good times on the way home.

Speaking of home, is Ed still splitting a place with co-star Chace Crawford? I thought they were a hot hidden item. At one point the web was crawling with rumors of make-out sessions on set but they're rarely seen in public together anymore. Perhaps Ed prefers a man who has testosterone enough for a five o'clock shadow. That was always out of Chace's league. It may always be.