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Jennifer Aniston Prefers Groupie Life To Box Office Bombs, Delays Release Of Latest Stinker 02.Jul.2008

In your dreams, ManistonHe's Just Not That Into You. Something tells me those words will prove eerily prophetic, if not for her career than for her libido.

This week's tabloid covers include the news that it's baby time for Jen. Yeah, right. John Mayer is about as ready to be a dad as the Pope is ready to accept women as priests. It ain't happenin'. Girlfriend will be burning something on the beach soon.

In the meantime, Jen has been living the life of a well-f***ed groupie, chasing John all over England, pretending to take pictures of him in concert but really just making sure her picture stays in the papers. She didn't follow him out of merry England, however, choosing instead to jet back to LA, but not before notifying her favorite paparazzi of her arrival at LAX for more photo ops.

It's not like she has anything better to do. The box office slapfest everyone was so hoping for - Angelina's Changeling versus Jen's suckish romantic comedy - is off. Both pictures were originally scheduled for release October 24, but Jen's future flop has been pushed back to February 6. For Valentine's Day, of course. Any similarities to Valkyrie are purely coincidental.