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Courtney Cox And David Arquette May Adopt To Save Marriage. It Worked So Well For Madge And Guy 15.Jan.2009

No, not herThe Cox-Arquettes seem to have a well-grounded marriage, although Courtney admits that sometimes it does take work and that they have had marriage counseling. The almost-constant presence of Courtney's spinster buddy has undoubtedly put a strain on things from time to time. It's kinda hard to get in the mood for baby-making when that third wheel could come stumbling in off the beach with a bottle of wine at any time.

Courtney and David have talked about giving Coco a little sister or brother in the past, but so far they haven't had any luck. Coco was conceived only after multiple miscarriages and in vitro treatments. At 44, she may not be up to the grueling physical ordeal again (the treatments include massive doses of hormones, often causing tremendous discomfort), or she may have been advised against it by her doctors.

According to the Enquirer, it's David who really wants another baby, and Courtney has finally agreed to adopt so she can keep up with her busy work schedule. How busy could she possibly be? Wasn't her show canceled? The article goes on to say that now that Courtney has agreed to adopt another child that David has "agreed to scale back on nights out and be more accommodating to Jennifer Aniston when she? s on the scene." What does that mean, more accommodating? Is that like actually letting her in when she knocks on the door, or waiting on her hand and foot while she gets hammered and drunk dials her exes? Either way, he loses, poor guy.