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Outed As Cheater, John Edwards Plays Billy Jean Card. We Still Don't Believe Him 12.Aug.2008

We've got better hair ... everywhereWill Hillary ever forgive him? Word is that Edwards' wayward dick cost the Democratic party the upper hand. This is ironic considering her husband's history. He better watch his back on the floor is all I've got to say.

John Edwards really got himself into a jam with that flaky Rielle Hunter chick. He denied it up and down; she blabbed to all her friends about her hot new lover from North Carolina named John. At first she didn't admit it publicly - it's alleged that the Dems bought her silence with a $3 million dollar mansion in LA. The girl doesn't have a pot to piss in and never has.

Confronted with evidence he could no longer deny, Edwards finally admitted bedding the bimbo, but swears it was just a sex thing and he didn't love her. He also denies fathering her baby and says he'll take a paternity test to prove it. Unfortunately, Rielle refuses to. I wonder how much they paid her to say that. And I wonder how his wife, Elizabeth, is taking all this. Imagine fighting for your life against cancer and finding out your husband is boinking his way across the country. Such a disgrace.