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Mandy Moore Is Looking Rather Manly Lately, Towers Over Co-star 15.Aug.2007

Am I missing something here? I've never been a big Mandy Moore fan. I'll confess: One of my exes had a big crush on her and her very cuteness irked the hell out of me. But she looks different here.

Either he's 5'3" or she's 6'3"

Has she put on weight? I don't think she looks heavy at all, except in the arms - did you get a look at those meaty things? That's like an old lady arm. Maybe this is all related to her bitter break-up with big-nose monkey Zach Braff. Mandy was said to be devastated by his excessive philandering and wrote about it on her new album.

Maybe she's bloated for another reason, a la Lohan-water-bottle therapy. I've never heard any stories about her, though - ever. Maybe it's just a crappy make-up job. She looks pissed and pasty. If I was Zach and I saw that picture, I'd be checking the locks on doors and windows.