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When Heiresses Attack: Yahoo Vs. Band-aid In All-out, Hair-burning Brawl 14.Jan.2009

What are you looking at? Courtenay Semel is one crazy, ugly bitch. She's also filthy stinking rich - her dad founded Yahoo (but she prefers Google). Best known for bumping innies with Lindsay Lohan, there's only one thing she likes more than coochie and coke: a good catfight. Just ask the Vegas security guard she threw a beating to.

Well, she did it again, and this time she may not get away with it. Courtenay recently repaid a former lover who came to her for help by beating her so badly she needed to be hospitalized - and even set her hair on fire. The victim, Band Aid heir Casey Johnson, who is equally rich-girl crazy but apparently not much of a fighter, showed up on Semel's doorstep one night after a fight with her current girlfriend, and Courtenay just ... went off. Bonkers. Ballistic. Batshit, even. Casey had to cut what was left of her hair into a "short, butch style".

Casey's mother has reportedly consulted celebrity lawyer Robert Shapiro, and hopefully they'll lock up the loony before she hurts someone else. For her part, Courtenay denies it was all that bad. "There was a fight, but this is a major exaggeration," the ugly little psycho said. Uh-huh. Lock your doors, people. No one is safe.