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Two And A Half Grand: Charlie Sheen's Hooker Has His Atm Card, His Coke Stash And A Big Mouth 11.Mar.2010

If I come to play, someone's getting hurt$2,500 is reportedly what Charlie's paying for a night of cokin' and pokin' with a working girl. He even allegedly gave her his ATM card and PIN, I guess so she could pick up more ... party goods. Ah, nuckin' futs. Some people never learn. Like any other addict, Charlie is playing out his relapse, going full metal jacket on the booze and blow until they take it all away from him again. The bosses over at Two And A Half Men must be in a quiet uproar, hoping their golden boy keeps his shit together long enough to get this season in the can. Good luck with that.

Celebitchy has a great post on the whole Sheen-anigans today. If you believe In Touch this week (they're almost never right but good for a laugh), while Brooke "recovers" in the comfort of her own home, Charlie's back to his old tricks. I think that just means he's partying over here while she's hitting the rock over there, but they're getting away with it. For now.

In the meantime, this whole ordeal is tearing their families apart. Or would be, if they weren't all camped out at Charlie and Brooke's house providing comfort and support and helping out with the twins. They're all living in a state of siege, waiting for the next bomb to drop - Will Charlie be sent to jail? Will Brooke file for divorce and air their dirty laundry? Will Denise dust off her pom-poms and join in the fray? It's hard to say, but I'd stay tuned. There's money to be made here, and it's just too easy for some folks to pass up.