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Did John Mayer Pass The Parent Test? Filling In For The Anistons Are The Arquettes 02.Jun.2008

Love is a many splendored thingWell, Jen certainly looks thrilled, but that's only because she still hasn't come up for air. She's never gotten it this good, and may never again. Hey, girl, live it up!

In the meantime, Jen has been desperately trying to lend an air of respectability to her mad f***athon with Mr. Douchebag, all to disappointing results. Everyone knows he's going to lose interest and move on, breaking yet another lonely woman's heart, and thoroughly traumatizing her dog, too. Daisy's still running to the back door with her favorite squeaky toy, but she and Jess are learning to live with (and love) Tony Romo. He might not be as much of a freak, but he's got a big one, too.

So, in the interest of legitimacy Jen brought John "home" to meet her surrogate parents, Courtney and David Arquette, who are sick to death of having Jen tag along on vacations, camping trips and fertility treatments. (OK, that last one was a stretch, but just wait. It could happen.) Will the parents approve? Maybe. David will be thrilled to get Jen out of his hair, but Courtney will be a much harder sell. She knows a cocksman when she sees one, and worries what another heartbreak will do to her dearest Friend.