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Dermont Mulroney Is Everywhere 31.May.2007

DermotDermot Mulroney is what you would call a real working actor. He used to pop up once in a while in mostly decent films like ? My Best Friend? s Wedding? and ? Lovely and Amazing.? Then pretty much starting with ? The Wedding Date? there was Mulroney mania. ? The Wedding Date? was followed by a stint on "Friends", ? Must Love Dogs? and then came ? The Family Stone,? ? Zodiac? (okay that was a quality film and not a rom-com) and finally to top it off this summer ? Georgia Rule? (which is becoming known as the other thing Lindsay Lohan did this summer) and the upcoming ? Gracie.? ? Gracie? actually looks like a very uplifting, girl-power film about women in soccer in the 1970s but Mulroney seems an odd fit. First of all he isn? t a teenager and secondly all the other adults in the film are played by Shues (as in Elizabeth and Andrew of Melrose Place fame who btw I saw on the train in New Jersey once). The part of the feminist soccer player is played by Carly Schroeder who you may remember for her bit part on ? Lizzie Maguire? and ? General Hospital.? Well now she is already grown-up and extremely jacked. She looks like the love child of Dakota Fanning and Reese Witherspoon. Also, what the hell kind of name is Dermot?