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Dirty, Dirty Girl: Nicole Kidman Talks Fetishes And Raw, Dangerous Sex With Keith 04.Nov.2009

Happy familyYeah, this is the guy who posed with nothing but his guitar. I bet he's a hot roll in the hay, streaked hair and all. It's interesting, though. In all of her ten years of marriage to Little Tommy Cruise, not once did Nicole gush about their sex life. To this day I don't think they had one. At least not a traditional one.

But She Whose Face Cannot Move has a lot to say about sex with Keith. She told GQ that she's had "mundane" experiences in love, but with Keith "It? s a very extraordinary, adventurous place to be: incredibly raw, incredibly dangerous and you? re very much out at sea. You're exposed. You could drown." Come up for air, woman. Breathe.

Nicole and Keith seem to have a good relationship. They each have their own careers but still manage to live a relatively normal life in Nashville. Little Sunday Rose is adorable, too. I wonder if she'll ever meet Conner or Isabella. I don't think they even speak to Nicole anymore. Such a shame, what she had to give up for her freedom.