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Jessica Alba Hates On Pretty Zac Efron And His Slim, Sexy Hips Because She's About To Get Big, Fat And Ugly 09.Jan.2008

Will fight over lip glossSomeone has a little attitude problem. Actually, I guess you could say they're both f***ed up in their own way: the Alba is notoriously pissy and ungrateful to fans and photographers alike, especially autograph seekers. I'm not sure where all that animosity comes from. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she swears up and down she's not using her sexuality to make money, right before the photo shoot where only her naughties are covered.

Zac's problem is that he's head over heels in love, positively smitten ... with himself. He wears cover-up, rouge, even false eyelashes according to Gatecrasher. (If you look at his lashes in this picture, it's pretty hard to miss.)

Jessica pegged Zac as the narcissist that he is the first time they met backstage at the Kids Choice Awards. She tells Elle, "Zac looks like a child with a lot of makeup. I was like ? My God, you? re just a little kid.' ? Catty, yes, but true. Did you ever notice they always have the camera tilted up at Zac whenever he does an appearance? It's to make him look taller than he is. After all, he's only 4'-10".