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Breaking News: Botox Eats Your Brain! More Than 1,000 Already Dead. This Is Not A Joke! 16.Apr.2008

Let's not forget that Botox is just a brand name for a seriously watered-down dose of botulinum, one of nature's deadliest poisons. I think it was this fact alone that made it so popular, that and the fact that it works. Just look at Dina Lohan's nearly expressionless face as she gets double-fisted. No brain damage here, right? When Botox was tested prior to FDA approval, the results allegedly showed that the botulinum stayed in the target (injection) area and did not travel through through the nervous or blood systems. They said that made it safe to inject a deadly poison directly into someone's head, merely inches from their brain, without worry of possible brain damage. Guess what? Billions of dollars and millions of patients later, they're learning that may not be the case, and the toxin may travel through nerve cells directly to the brainstem, where it can disrupt brain functions. Worse yet, people have died. The FDA says there were 1,437 "adverse events" (hospitalization and/or death) between 1989 and 2003. Botox use has easily tripled since then; have the casualties risen as well? Does anyone know what repeated doses of this stuff is doing to people long-term? They could be dropping like flies in twenty years. Or less.