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Mischa Barton Says She's Not A Dumb Party Girl, But Simply A Victim Of Temporary Kinetic Energy 27.Feb.2008

Will you be my friend? I'm so lonelyOh. That explains the extremely dilated pupils and the DUI and possession charges. Temporary kinetic energy. Was it temporary kinetic energy that made her so difficult to work with that producers of The OC were forced to kill off her character? This temporary kinetic energy wouldn't happen to come in powder form, would it?

Mischa is trying to reform her image. Just because she's been spotted stumbling out of clubs with her boobs hanging out all over the world doesn't mean that's all she's about. She claims she used to be, like, academic, like, when she was tutored on-set as a child star. It's where she learned phrases like "temporary kinetic energy". Is it also where she learned to straddle two lanes of traffic and drive drunk? Or is it just where she learned to be an insufferable drunken bitch?

While we mere mortals try to figure all this out, Mischa better stock up on that temporary kinetic energy. She's due back in court on February 28 to answer those four misdemeanor charges from her arrest back in December. She should talk to her little sister; I hear she's an expert in kinetic energy sources.