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Jessica Simpson Upskirt: Daisy Will Kill Her, But Tony Won't Care 12.Sep.2008

Seen by millions on national TV"Is it chicken, or is it tuna? " It's neither. It's five pounds of vitamin beer in a two-pound bag.

Jessica Simpson is such a sorry creature you want to like her. She's pretty, she's got a great body and the girl can sing. She's just as dumb as a box of that fake hair she wears; after a while you just have to shake your head and walk away.

This shot is from Jessica's recent appearance on Good Morning America - the one where they had to stop and then start a song again. In case you missed it (now, now, it's OK) her cans were hanging out of the top as much as her ass was hanging out of the bottom. What kind of dingbat wears something that short without underwear ... on live TV? Or was it intentional? Maybe she feels like nothing else is working.

She still has a big mouth, too. She told People that she had just told Tony that day, he was the love of her life and she "doesn't really ever say that to anybody." That's not quite the same as "I've never said that before to anybody", is it?