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Could You Be The Next Billy Mays? This Could Be Better Than American Idol 06.Aug.2009

Billie Mays was a tremendously effective pitch man. Even if you knew better, you bought his shit, because you figured nobody could be that excited about junk. And even if you were disappointed by the product (and you usually were), you didn't hold it against him. Billy Mays was the shit.

Since his untimely death Mighty Brands has been struck silent. Who was going to Mighty Putty their Big City Sliders now? How would they keep their healthy Orange Glo? (OK, I'll stop.) Seriously, Billy left some mighty big shoes to fill.

And now this loss could be someone else's gain. Starting August 19 in Tampa, Mighty's marketing company is holding auditions for their next power pitcher, a search they expect to take nationwide. Before you laugh, think of the Benjamins - Billy was a multi-millionaire. Hey, does the new Billy have to be a Billy, or can it be a Billie? Just sayin' ...