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Mischa Barton: How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go The F*** Away?!? 09.Jun.2008

Brought her own fairy dustWe're begging here! Be gone, curdled butter ass!

Just when we think we'd have a little peace and give some up-and-coming kids with real talent a little airtime, you have to crawl out from under your rock.

Since her falling out with the A-list and Raisinette stylist Rachel Zoe Mischa has been walking around in costumes the rejects from Ringling Bros. wouldn't touch. It's not going to work, slacker bitch. A bag of suet wrapped in the finest silk is still a bag of suet.

This latest abomination was worn to a freakin' carnival. Granted it was a prestigious celebrity benefit carnival, but everyone else was in T-shirts and jeans. But nooooo ... not this one. A gown ... wings ... and inflatable cleavage bumpers strung around her chest. Or sanitary napkins. Whatever they are, they just add to the air of clueless ... and not in a cutesy Alicia Silverstone kinda way.