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I Hope Gerard Butler Was Wearing His Rubbers When He Walked Travis Barker's Old Dog 14.Oct.2008

Look! I can swallow and keep talking!OK, former dog, but she is the mother of his children. Travis knows he'll be scraping her off his shoes for a long time.

Gerard Butler, on the other hand, has no such worries. The star of the film 300 has been getting more tail than the ass end of a cow, but he isn't fazed by all the attention. He cuts out before the wet spot gets cold, and he's off to the next one. Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell ... even the Maniston itself, although in that case, it's rumored he turned her down flat. He's got a rule to never date a woman with bigger hands.

And now the biggest starf***er in Hollywood has set her sights on the burly star. Shanna Moakler was photographed hanging all over Butler, doing her best to skank him up when he was blind drunk. Even then he didn't look so impressed, but look at the way she flexes those chipmunk cheeks! I wonder how much of it he actually remembers, but I hope he was well protected; the former reality star has left few male stones unturned in her quest for a new sugar daddy, and God knows what she's picked up along the way.