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Oh, Sad Day For Alfie. He's Not The Dad After All 29.Mar.2009

Not a familyThis poor kid; he looked like the only honest soul in the whole bunch. You remember Alfie Patten, the 12-year-old British kid who looks 8, but claimed to have fathered a baby with a 15-year-old girl? He said it was his first time. He loved his child and was ready for the responsibility. And the fame and fortune from the tabloids, of course.

After Alfie's story broke more than one, but somewhere less than 20 young boys stepped forward to say they'd also been intimate with his baby mama and could also be the father. This won everyone involved a DNA test, and Alfie lost the draw. He's not the dad at all. Turns out babymama's dad cooked up the whole scheme to cash in on his daughter's situation - and picked Alfie because of his pre-pre-pubescent appearance. And now, of course, the courts won't release the father's name because they're all underage and why someone isn't in jail is a mystery.

It's too bad for the baby that Alfie's not the father. It doesn't look like mom's side of the family is so stable, and you could see that boy just loved that almost-as-big-as-he baby. I hope he's able to move on with his life and put this all behind him.