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Aniston Resorts To Name-dropping Again To Justify Her Bitterly Uncool Existence 11.Nov.2008

Watch my movies and I'll show you my ...Observe the withered spinster. See how she once again dredges up that really bad thing that happened to her - years ago - just in time to promote her loser movies? Like the trapdoor spider, it's only a trick designed to lure in an unsuspecting public.

Unlike the woman who stole her husband, Aniston always comes off as whiny and bitter. Jen thought some of the details Angie related about falling in love with Brad were "inappropriate" because it was from a time "when I was unaware that it was happening" and that's just uncool. Uncool? UNCOOL? !? What are you, 12 years old? She didn't steal your Hello Kitty lunchbox; she stole your husband, you daffodil. She didn't set out to - all she did was love her son and talk about having 20 more. What's not to love, especially when you're married to someone more concerned with their career?

Let's face facts. Jennifer Aniston lost her husband to a more beautiful, fertile and loving woman. She didn't stand a chance. She's never gotten over it. And she brings it up every time she wants to promote her latest flop. Yes, I said flop. Mark my words. Bitch is box office poison.