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John Travolta, Hot Leather Bear Daddy! Cruising For Another Happy Ending? 13.Nov.2008

Up your nose with a rubber hoseAll right. I confess. I had a crush on Vinny Barbarino. (Oh, google it if you're too young to remember!)

Then there was Danny Zuko, who wasn't bad, but I thought Kenickie was hotter. All in all, Travolta wasn't too shabby when he was younger. These days, he's not sporting that dancer's physique (he looks he's made too many trips to the all-you-can-eat buffet table) and he's got some issues with thinning hair, made worse with bad plugs and spray-on hair.

But this, now, this is not bad. Not bad at all. Travolta looks younger, sharper, almost wicked with that smooth head and that goatee. It's light years away from his recent pudgy, patchy-haired doof with the cheesy smile. Grown men should not smile like that.

Gotta hand it to him; Travolta has had more comebacks than Cher, and has played some of the most memorable roles ever in contemporary film. This new look is for yet another upcoming film. Looks like he's going to be one bad dude.