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Maniston And Her Only Two Friends Hang Out In Mexico: Mayer Plays Hard To Get 29.Sep.2008

It's all I've got going for meLike he's got so much going on in his life. Since being dumped for being a user and a cheater (but a noble gentleman who didn't want to waste her time, just drive her car and spend her money), Mayer can't get his picture taken by anyone. Even the DMV went out to lunch when he came in to renew his license. (Not really)

Then again, she who has made a career out of being flat-left isn't doing anything either. What do you do when all your movies suck, you can't get a date without paying for it, and your friends are all too busy with their families to lend you a crying towel? Well, you hop the next first class flight to Mexico and hang out on the beach with your ta-tas hanging out. If you're smart at least you can cut a deal with the photographers. You know that Friends money won't last forever.

Jen is said to have a very busy calendar the rest of this year, as she'll be heavily promoting the next few films to be released that she's given the box office kiss of death to. She doesn't mind; it's not like she'll be traveling on her own dime. It's like an extended paid vacation, and maybe she'll get lucky and hook up with another nice British dog walker.